Winston theft sparks splur of internet memes.

Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston was charged and sentenced to 20 hours of community service and suspended from the Florida State baseball team after shoplifting $32 dollars worth of king crab legs.

However it was the enormous out break of internet memes that followed that really put Winston’s latest slip up on the public radar. Only hours after the news broke memes started popping up all over the internet, some even showing Winston himself with crab legs instead of human.

Internet users nation wide partook in the fun, using Photoshop and other technologies to customize new memes featuring Winston and his mistake. On almost every main website, Winston memes were featured on the home page.

ESPN and a handful of other sports networks couldn’t ignore the fire set ablaze on twitter by the massive amounts of memes being created and posted. Many networks including ESPN even went as far to create a “Top 10 Jameis Winston crab leg meme” page, and showed it on air. Be live it or not, even some news stations ran images of hilarious Winston crab leg memes.

Basically, social media was erupted in a way like never before. Sport’s fan or not, everyone was exposed to the action. Once the memes caught fire there was no stopping them.

Unfortunately for Jamies Winston, thousands of the memes can still be found with a simple click of a button. Still, the out break displays the power of the internet and its ability to link communication through different media outlets across countries and nations.




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